Friends Wi-Fi has a large capacity!

A wide area applicable for carriers!

Ready-to-use after arrival!

Large-capacity data transmission. 100 GB per month!

With high-speed internet, you can use Facebook and video call frequently!
Let's convey lots of "I love you" to our loved ones in our homecountry!

High-speed internet that is applicable for 3 major carriers!

Browsing videos and doing video calls is smooth sailing.
It offers a stree-free net life!

Application is easy. It takes about 1 minute. Ready to use after arrival.

Easy application via WEB!
Can be used immediately from the day of arrival.

100 GB

Basic monthly fee

(Tax included)

2 year plan


1 year plan


Compensation services
Safe support(330 yen(Tax included) / month)

We are preparing a ‘’safe support’’ as a compensation option service in case of emergency.
Safe support 330 yen(Tax included) /month: solves issues due to sudden failures.
※Applicable only during subscription (additional application not possible)
Click here for details

No construction required!

You can use the internet as soon as you arrive.

It will arrive in a minimum of 3 days!

We won't keep you waiting.

Free shipping!

Free delivery shipping.

No transfer fees!

There are no transfer fees for convenience stores.

Can be used using 4 steps!

Please apply from this WEB.
We will send you the convenience store payment number at the email address you have registered.
Please show the bar code to the clerk of the convenience store and proceed to payment.
After payment is confirmed, we will ship the item within 7 days.

Available for use 7 days after application!
Payment possible on your nearest convenience store and the shipping fee is free!
Can be used immediately after receiving.
Please check the convenience stores available for payment from the following.

What are the documents necessary for application?
■ For individual customers
Identity verification documents are required.
Please prepare your residence card or driver's license.

■For corporate customers
A copy of a registration certificate is required.
If you are considering applying, please fill in the necessary information and contact the following.
* Required information
・ Company name ・ Address ・ Department name ・ Person in charge ・ Email address ・Phone number・Remarks (Please enter your inquiry/request/number of devices you want to apply)
Is there a minimum usage period?
Is there a cancellation fee or penalty fee for cancellation?
■2 year plan
The minimum usage period is 24 months (with automatic renewal).
The minimum usage period is 24 months, with the month including our shipping date (start date of contract) as the first month.
A contract cancellation fee will be charged at the time of cancellation depending on the period of use.
1-12 months 20,900 yen(Tax included)
13-24 months 10,450 yen(Tax included)
(Not required after the 25th month)

■1 year plan
The minimum usage period is 12 months (with automatic renewal).
The minimum usage period is 12 months, with the month including our shipping date (start date of contract) as the first month.
A contract cancellation fee will be charged at the time of cancellation depending on the period of use.
1-12 months 20,900 yen(Tax included)
(Not required after the 13th month)

*2 year plan/1 year plan
At the time of the cancellation, if the rental device set (rental device, MicroUSB cable, instruction manual, box of the device) is not returned or
If the rental device set is stained, a penalty of 5,500 yen(Tax included) will be charged in addition to the above costs.
What is the flow of the application?
① Please apply from the Friend Wi-Fi homepage.
② An email will be sent to the email address you have entered.
③ Please follow what is written in the email. Please pay the total amount of initial cost + monthly fee for the first month + option fee + consumption tax * at the convenience store.
④ We will ship within about 7 days after payment is confirmed.
⑤ The product will be delivered approximately 1-2 days after shipping. You can use it as soon as it arrives.

* Option fee will be added only when you apply.
* If there are any deficiencies or errors in the information entered or files attached, the application procedure will be delayed. Pay particular attention to the photo of your identity verification document and check if it is not out-of-focus or reflected by the light.
How much can I use with the monthly 100GB?
How fast is the internet connection?
The standard maximum speed is 150 Mbps for download (reception) and 50 Mbps for upload (transmission).
Since this is a best-effort service, the actual usage speed may decrease depending on the usage environment such as the time zone and location.
Although it uses the NTT DoCoMo / au / SoftBank network, the internet speed is different from those of those major carriers.
Please tell me the available area of ​​the WiFi router.
It can be used in the LTE area of NTT DoCoMo / au / SoftBank.
The network of the most suitable telecommunications carrier is automatically selected and connected according to the area to be used and the environment of the building.
However, please note that you may not be able to use the service in some areas, such as places where radio waves are difficult to reach or areas outside the supported band of this product, even within the area.
Can I use it upon arrival?
Check the SSID and PWD (password) affixed to the back of the terminal, select the SSID on the communication device you are using, and enter the password to use it immediately.
However, some settings may need to be changed, such as when using the App Store or iTunes on iOS devices.
How long does it take to receive the device after applying?
Basically, it takes 7 days after we confirm the payment but it may change depending on the status of the inventory of the terminal.

* The number of days until product delivery may change due to the confirmation status of the application, natural disasters, incidents, and other reasons.
Please note that delivery and the date for the start of usage may change depending on the delivery status.
Can I use any WiFi equipped devices such as a smartphone or tablet?
It is compatible with the wireless LAN standard IEEE802.11b / g / n.
It can be used with smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles and IoT devices that support the wireless LAN standard IEEE802.11b / g / n.
Please note that it cannot be used with feature phones and PCs that do not support WiFi, and devices that support only wireless LAN standards other than the abovementioned.
Is the charge for the month of the start of usage and the month of cancellation pro-rated?
The first month of use will be prorated. In the month of cancellation, you will be billed the full amount of one month's fees.
■First month of use (daily rate)
The first payment will be charged in full.
The second payment will be charged on a daily basis.

Example) In the case of a 2-year plan delivered on 12/16
Date of 1st payment※1: 12/14 Full amount billed: 7,678 yen (December usage: 4,378 yen + initial fee: 3,300 yen)
Delivery date: 12/16
Second payment date※2: 12/25 Pro-rated invoice 2,248 yen (January usage: 4,378 yen - pro-rated reduction: 2,130 yen)

※1Because the delivery is made after the payment has been made, it cannot be calculated on a daily basis. Therefore, the first payment will be charged in full.
※2Because the next month's usage is to be paid in the current month, the second payment is due on December 25.